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Dell E1916HV 18.5-inch LED Monitor

Dell E1916HV 18.5-inch LED Monitor

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  • The E1916HV is a TFT LED monitor from the house of Dell for usage at your home or office. The monitor has an LED display with a high resolution screen measuring 18.5 inches and comes with a resolution of 1366x768 pixels. The entry level display monitor for desktops is suitable for home or office use and features a simple and elegant design. The monitor supports HD resolution and can be used to execute work, word processing, watching movies, TV shows, etc.
  • The Dell E1916HV comes with a sturdy yet stylish design. The monitor is compact and can easily fit in most spaces. The monitor comes with a sturdy but sleek base that has been designed to give the monitor powerful support. It also has an effortless tilt mechanism that is really handy and useful. The in-built menu options for the monitor offer customisation when it comes to aspects like colour coordination and calibration. Overall, the device is easy to use in nature.
  • The LED display of the Dell monitor produces brightness up to 200 cd/m2, and with the superior HD resolution of 1366x768 pixels, it ensures that the viewer never has to miss out on the stunning quality of the monitor. It displays crystal clear graphics on the backlit panel. The monitor comes with the latest energy saving technologies and is efficient. The monitor has a very slim design and has wide viewing angles.
  • The standout feature of this monitor from Dell is the high quality LED backlit panel used in the display. The LED panel is of the finest quality, which are a grade above LCD panels. The monitor ships with a VGA cable that is durable and offers fast transfer of graphics. The monitor will be the perfect companion to your home desktop setup and will offer you a great viewing and multimedia experience. The monitor also comes with exclusive warranty from Dell. Dell is known to make top quality computing products from desktops to laptops, and this LED desktop monitor is another good example of their profound quality and design.



With a screen size that is 44.9 cms, this product offers comfort to its user, in terms of viewing capacity.  This is further established by the fact that the DELL E1916hv 18.5 LED Backlit LCD MONITOR has a horizontal viewing angle of 90 and a vertical viewing angle of 65. The brightness on this monitor is 200 cd/m² and top-class quality of image output prove that Dell does their absolute best to make all your computer-related work as convenient as possible. It also has a great colour depth of 16.7 million, added to its other display characteristics such as its eco-conscious design and response time of 5 ms and below.

HD Display

The Dell E1916hv 18.5 LED Backlit LCD Monitor with VGA comes with a fine resolution of 1366 x 768 and an HD standard of 768 p, giving buyers a good quality display. This LED type monitor comes in a nice matt black and is not only a great product to use but one that is nice to look at. It does not have the full HD feature.


It is of the TFT Panel type, a type that uses a complex technology. The main objective is to achieve a homogenous illumination on the screen. The advantages of this panel type when using a computer, are abundant, the first being the gain of place they allow. Their compact form and low depth help with their installation. It also offers the user of a product with this technology a very high level of visual comfort and has a stable condition of remaining clear. The image output is crystal. Are you a green person? TFT screens have low power consumption so if you’re looking to reduce your footprint, this product should be yours.

Tilt Adjustability

An additional feature of the DELL E1916hv 18.5 LED Backlit LCD MONITOR with is its tilt-adjustability of  5° forward or 21° backward, also making the use of this monitor very convenient for the user and allows a more comfortable experience.


In terms of connectivity, this monitor certainly does well in that it supports VGA but does not have HDMI or USB ports. But as mentioned, if you are looking for something simple, simple is what it gives you.

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