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LG 720W 2.1Ch. Mini Hi-Fi Audio System

LG 720W 2.1Ch. Mini Hi-Fi Audio System

Wengine Tsh670,000
Sisi Tsh630,000

  • Powerful Sound Strong scintillating sound. High quality audio components produce awesome sound which can be adapted through various pre-set sound modes. Whatever you are listening to you can now hear your music how you want.
  • WIRELESS PARTY LINK Double Down for Great Sound It takes two to tango. By linking two LG LOUDR speakers together you can double your output wattage, lighting and party capabilities. Crank it up!
  • AUTO DJ Automatically Mix Music Perfect for parties. Auto DJ seamlessly blends each song into the next from a connected USB stick. Keep the tables turning for a great party atmosphere.
  • KARAOKE STAR Sing-along Fun Your time to shine. With the push of a button the vocals can be removed from almost any track with innovative pitch adjustment to ensure you are always in tune. Turn yourself into a star for the night and sing along to your favourite music.
  • Bluetooth Control Simply download the LG Bluetooth™ Remote App for your Smartphone to control your LG device.
  • Multi Jukebox, build a playlist with your friends Up to 3 mobile devices can be connected by Bluetooth to create, manage and add to your playlist. Let your friends join the fun.
  • Auto Music Play, music that follows you A smart system that can sense your mobile device. Send audio directly to your system with ease.
  • Bluetooth Stand-by, wake up your audio on demand Kick off the party without delay. Even when music is sent via Bluetooth to the sleeping system, the unit wakes up to start the party.
  • Dual USB, play and record Dual USB allows for recording capabilities.

Sales region: EU
Entity: FS/ES
Target MP: 17.3
System Model Name: CJ45-DB
System Model Name – Main Set: CJ45
System Model Name – Speaker Total: CJS45
System Model Name – Front Speaker: CJS45F
System Model Name – Subwoofer: CJS45W

Power Output – Front: 240W X 2
Power Output – Sub Woofer: 240W
Function Selector – CD/DVD: Yes/No
Function Selector – Tuner: Yes
Function Selector – AUX1: Yes
Function Selector – USB1: Yes
Function Selector – USB2: Yes
Function Selector – Portable In: Yes
Function Selector – Bluetooth: Yes

Audio In – USB 1: Yes (Front)
Audio In – USB 2: Yes (Front)
Audio In – Portable In: Yes (Front)
Audio In – AUX IN 1/2 (L/R): 1 (Rear)
Disk Door Lock Key: Yes
Speaker Out – Front L/R: 1/1
Speaker Out – Sub Woofer (Passive/Active): 1/No
Speaker Out – 4pin System Jack S/W L: Yes
Radio Antenna – FM: Yes
Karaoke Function – Mic Jack: 1EA (Φ6.3)
Karaoke Function – Echo (on RCU): Yes

Display – Type: CM4740 Common Use
Display – Demo: Yes
Display – Dimmer: Yes

EQ – Cluster1 EQ: Yes
EQ – Standard: Yes
EQ – Pop: Yes
EQ – Classic: Yes
EQ – Rock: Yes
EQ – Jazz: Yes
EQ – Bass Blast: Yes
EQ – Football: Yes
Local EQ – Dangdut: Yes
Local EQ – Arabic: Yes
Local EQ – Afro Hip-hop: Yes
Local EQ – India: Yes
Local EQ – Regueton: Yes
Local EQ – Merengue: Yes
Local EQ – Salsa: Yes
Local EQ – Samba: Yes
Local EQ – Axe: Yes
Local EQ – Forro: Yes
Local EQ – Funk: Yes
Local EQ – Sertanejo: Yes
Juke box: Yes
DJ Effect: Yes
Multi Jukebox: Yes
Auto DJ: Yes

Power Requirement – Narrow (50/60Hz): 110V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 80W
Power Consumption at stand by: 0.5W↓

Audio Control
2Ch Stereo(By-Pass): Yes
Mute: Yes

Type: PLL
Band: FM
Tuning Range – FM (50kHz / 100kHz): 87.5 ~ 108.0 MHz
Station Preset: Ran.50
Memory / Erase: Yes/Yes
Clock/Alram/Sleep/Set: Yes/Yes/Yes/Yes

Playable Disc, File type / Convenience
Loading Type: 1-CD Tray
Playable DISC Format – Audio CD: Yes
Playable DISC Format – MP3/WMA CD: Yes/Yes
Playable DISC Format – CD-R/CD-RW: Yes/Yes
Playable File Format – MP3: Yes
Playable File Format – WMA: Yes
Convenience – Repeat 1/All: Yes/Yes
Convenience – Program Play(track): Yes (60)
Convenience – Random Play: Yes
Convenience – Skip – Fwd/Rev: Yes
Convenience – Scan – Fwd/Rev: Yes
Convenience – USB direct recording: Yes
Convenience – Dual USB (USB1 to USB2 recording): Yes
Convenience – MP3P battery charging by USB / micro USB: Yes/No
Convenience – Bluetooth: Yes
Convenience – Bluetooth Remote App: Yes
Convenience – MP3/WMA ID3 Tag Display: Yes
Convenience – File/Folder search with music playing (EZ File Search): Yes
Convenience – File delete: Yes
Convenience – BluetoothAuto Function Change: Yes
Convenience – TV Sound Sync.: Yes
Convenience – Bluetooth Power on (Stand by): Yes
Convenience – Fota: Yes
Convenience – Bluetooth Multi Paring: Yes
Convenience – Auto Music Play (Move&Play): Yes
Convenience – Wireless Party Link: Yes

Echo Mode: Yes
Voice canceller: Yes
Key changer: Yes

Remote Commander & Accessory
Remote Control Unit – Unit: Yes
Remote Control Unit – Model name: MA2
Remote Control Unit – Battery: AAAx2
Instruction Manual – Book: Option by Region
Instruction Manual – Simple: Option by Region
Warranty Card: Yes
FM Antenna: FM 75Ω ANT
Carton Box Type (Tip on / Offset / Flexo): Flexo
Speaker Cable: Fixed Type

SPEAKER Sytem Model Name: CJS45
Spreaker – SPL: 83dB
Spreaker – System: 2Way 2Speaker
Spreaker – Tweeter Unit: 1.57″
Speaker – Woofer Unit: 6.5″
Spreaker – Impedance: 3Ω
Spreaker – Magnetic Shielding: No Shield
Sub Woofer – System: 1Way 1Speaker
Sub Woofer – Woofer Unit: 7″
Sub Woofer – Impedance: 3Ω

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