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LG Air Conditioner Ceiling Cassette Unit

LG Air Conditioner Ceiling Cassette Unit

Wengine Tsh3,570,000
Sisi Tsh3,400,000

  • Single-Zone Duct-Free System: Experience true individual comfort. Ductless Mini-Split systems are the perfect solution to a variety of installation challenges. Ductless Mini-Split units eliminate the use of ductwork, allowing installers the ability to place these units in locations that were previously considered impractical or impossible due to additional ducting and cost associated with installing a regular unit. Ductless Mini-Splits consist of two parts, an outdoor unit and an indoor unit, similar to regular split units, but much smaller in size. The outdoor and indoor units are connected to each other by refrigerant and electrical lines. They run together with a condensate drain line through a small hole in an exterior wall, generally 3 inches in diameter or less. In addition to eliminating the need for ducting, another great advantage of ductless mini-split systems is true zone control. The indoor fan coil unit is dedicated to the room being conditioned, allowing a temperature and humidity level to be kept in a specific room, separate from the rest of the house or building.
  • Inverter Technology: Inverter variable-speed split systems are measurably quieter and consume less energy than conventional air conditioners. The inverter compressor ramps up or down to match the required room capacity and maintain the comfort level. When the selected temperature is reached, the inverter compressor operates at low speed to maintain that comfort level, thereby using less energy.
  • Quality Commitment: LG is committed to the success of air-conditioning projects. We provide technical support during installation, and offer a variety of classes designed for installers and service providers. Classes are conducted at LG's training centers and in field locations at various times throughout the year and upon special request.
  • Four-Way Ceiling Cassette Systems: LG's Four-Way Ceiling Cassette systems offer customized comfort with many user-adjustable settings. The indoor unit case is ceiling recessed, while the off-white architectural grille (required; sold separately) is flush mounted, providing a clean look to the room. These systems are best suited in light commercial applications or large, open spaces. The ceiling cassette indoor unit is a useful alternative when wall space is limited.
Brand LG
Type Ceiling Cassette
Energy rating 3 Star
Power Supply 220 – 240 Volts / 50 Hz
Compressor Type R22
Number of Compressor 1
Refrigerant R22
Color White
Weight 40 Kg
Depth 275 mm
Height 575 mm
Width 840 mm
Cooling Capacity Various
Filter Type 3M Anti Dust Filter
System Type Split System


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Uzito 47 kg
Vipimo 87 × 65 × 32 cm

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