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Long Battery 200Ah /12V

Long Battery 200Ah /12V

Wengine Tsh600,000
Sisi Tsh580,000

For this series, all dimensions given are +2/-1 mm(+0.08/-0.04inches)

  • For MSK & TPK & WPL series, all dimensions given are +/-3 mm(0.12inches)
  • For WPL-W series, all dimensions given are +/-1 mm(0.04inches)
  • For the batteries’ capacity with 40/45/50Ah, all dimensions given are +3/-1 mm(+0.12/-0.04inches).
  • Please refer to all the details of the specification sheet.


Charge Retention (shelf life) at 20℃(68℉):
1 month 98%
3 month 94%
6 month 85%
Case Material:
Option: Flammability resistance of (UL94 V-0)
Recommended torque value:
M8: 7 N-m (71kgf-cm)
Maximum allowable torque value:
M8: 9 N-m (92kgf-cm)

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Weight61.5 kg


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