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Synix Air Conditioner Wall Mount Split Unit

Synix Air Conditioner Wall Mount Split Unit

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  • Turbo Cool: A Simple click to wipe away the torridness. Enlarged air intake helps to produce more air flow and make cooling stonger and faster. Turbo Cool Triggers the maximum speed to quickly reach the set temperature and cool down your room in very short time.
  • Auto-restart: Automatic resume from an unexpected power cut.
    Low Voltage Start Up: Despite the voltage fluctuation, the stable operation remains. The unit could operate from 170V to 265V, which is suitable for unstable power supply areas.
  • Self-Cleaning: Goodbye, Odour. Hello, Freshess - With new generation of hydrophilic aluminum foil, the rapid of condensate water flushes away the dust on the evaporator and dry it by fan after shut down, to achieve automatic cleaning. When thes function is started up, indoor fan will still operate at a low fan speed for a while after turning off the unit by remote controller. This function can only be activated in Cool and Dry Mode.
  • Refrigerant Leakage Protection & Self-Diagnosis: Design for durable and long lasting use - The AC operation is 7*24 under monitoring and any refrigerant leakage could be detected. Thanks to the high sensitivity detector and smart algorithm of the microchip, when the refrigerant volume is less than 30% of the full load, a error code will occur to give an alarm and operation will be stopped. Synix AC unit is always under protection.
  • Anti-corrosion Protection: Every single corrosion sensitive part of Synix AC is well treated technically and in material, to ensure better performance, minimum interventions and longer lifespan. Optimized exchanger fin to resist corrosion and prevent bacteria to grow. High quality galvanized and thickened stell sheet has abetter weight capacity and multiple antirust capabilty.
  • Fire-proof Material and Structional Design: In material wise, Synix AC are widely applying ABS-FR 5VA fire-proof plastic and metal lelectric sheel, to utmost reduce the fire risk. On the othre side, the sturcture of wiring contacting area are closely under attention and well designed, to prevent wire being cut.
  • Integrated Design to Prevent Water Leakage: Integrated rear base and water tray design to avoid water leaking and reduce operation noise level.
  • High Quality Compressor: Synix AC only apply first class compressor with high energy efficiency, good performance and reliability, to minimalize the operation and maintenance cost for the consumer.
  • Large Copper Heater Exchanger: Synix AC always has a bigger heat excahnger with pure copper pipes, which making it operate in a more efficient way.
  • Comfort Energy Saving: in I Feel mode, when it reaches a comfortable temperature the AC will enter energy saving mode.
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Brand Synix
Type Wall Mount Split Unit
Energy Star Qualified
Power Supply 170-265V
Mode Cooling
Number of Compressor 1
Refrigerant R410A
Weight 64.5 kg
Depth 225 mm
Height 300 mm
Width 970 mm
Color White
Cooling Capacity Various
System Type Split System


Additional information

Weight 47 kg
Dimensions 87 × 65 × 32 cm

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